27 Apr Voltea’s CapDI Industrial Series System Installation Process LIVE!

Voltea’s CapDI© Industrial Series System Installation Process LIVE!

Sassenheim, April 2016- Authored by Heather Leighow

Voltea, the world’s leader in membrane Capacitive Deionization (CapDI©), is excited to present a video of our Industrial Series 36 (IS36) system installation on site! This is a great illustration of how quickly and easily our installation process goes once our system is delivered. Please view our video here:

Installation is complete in 6 easy steps: 1) uncrating modules; 2) completing panel box terminations; 3) racking the modules; 4) making piping connections; 5) executing system diagnostics check; and 6) start up!

The process flows smoothly from each step as our team of engineers begins uncrating our CapDI modules from the shipping container. Once all modules are out of the container, we begin preparing the panel box for all terminations. We then rack all modules into their permanent spots in the system frame, where they are connected to the piping. Once connected, we run a comprehensive system diagnostics check to ensure completeness for a timely start up, and customers begin benefiting from CapDI immediately!

This video shows the complete process of the start up of an IS36, but our systems range anywhere from an IS2 to larger than an IS300.

 About Voltea

Voltea has been delivering electrochemical water-conditioning equipment to institutional, commercial and industrial customers for over 9 years. Voltea’s CapDI© systems remove dissolved salts from water using electricity at a lower economic and environmental cost than any other available technology. Voltea was recognized as one of the 21 Technology Pioneers 2013 at the World Economic Forum, listed in the 2011 Global Cleantech 100 and won the best new technology award at the 2010 Global Water Summit.