CapDI is a salt-free, chemical-free alternative to conventional water softeners that produces better-tasting, higher-quality water from all faucets of your home!

At Voltea, our mission revolves around providing a superior solution to water treatment, allowing for better, healthier water all around your home and for your family.


Our innovative CapDI water purification technology provides a SALT-FREE method to treating the water coming into your home; no more lugging heavy salt bags, no more inefficiencies and no more environmental hazards that water softeners create.


CapDI removes those unwanted salt and hardness minerals via an electrical current, just like the latest all-electric vehicles on the market today.


Legacy water treatment technologies, like water softeners and reverse osmosis (RO), have a long list of negative attributes for a homeowner. For instance, water softeners require ion exchange, where hard salts are removed just for soft salts to take their place. This creates a slimy texture and a bad flavor. Water softeners are also terrible for the environment, discharging non-native soft salts into local water sources and polluting the water supply for future generations.


RO also has many inefficiencies, including its tedious process of removing ALL minerals from your water, just to require a remineralization cartridge to add back any of the beneficial minerals that were once present.


Why not choose a smart water treatment technology that gives you the best of both worlds, minus the downfalls that antiquated water treatment technologies present? CapDI offers tunable water purification to the mineral level the homeowner chooses, so that beneficial minerals are not removed just to be added back in. You’ll NEVER have to buy bottled water again!


Our CapDI DiEntry whole-home water purification system is the future of residential water treatment! Pure water is JUST the beginning!


Voltea’s latest point-of-entry product, DiEntry, is the next generation of home water purification systems and addresses the most pressing water issues in the market: quality, taste and waste. DiEntry does more than purify water, it allows a home’s water to be customized to the needs of the homeowner and community, all while wasting less water and improving the homeowner’s environmental footprint. DiEntry is simple to install, use and maintain, requiring no salt and a smaller overall footprint than other home water treatment systems, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership. The core technology within DiEntry, CapDI, has already been proven effective in hundreds of installations across the globe.



Both the DiEntry Module and System are tested and certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for materials and structural integrity requirements.


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