• 2018 Breakthrough Water Technology Company

  • Voltea, the global leader in electro-desalination water treatment technology, was named the Breakthrough Water Technology Company of the Year by Global Water Intelligence (GWI) at the 2018 Global Water Awards ceremony in Paris. The awards, which recognize companies that make a significant contribution to the worldwide water industry, were part of GWI’s Global Water Summit. GWI cited Voltea’s “successful commercialization of its CapDI© technology” as a key factor in earning the award.

  • 2018 Global Cleantech 100

  • This year, a record number of nominations were received: 12,300 distinct companies from 61 countries. These companies were weighted and scored to create a short list of 312 companies. Short-listed nominees were reviewed by CTG’s Expert Panel, resulting in a finalized list of 100 companies from 18 countries.

  • 2013 Blue Truffle Award

  • In this year’s competition, Voltea received the BlueTruffle™ Award and Crystal IS won the Disrupt-o-Meter™ Award. These companies were part of the 4th Annual BlueTech® Forum Technology Showcase, which featured the innovative and disruptive technologies from 11 companies in three key water industry areas: Food and Beverage, Oil and Gas, and Smart Water.

  • 2014 Game Changers List

  • In 2004 zochten Unilever-ingenieurs waterontharder voor wasmachines. Hun werk leidde in 2006 tot het besluit de technologie breder in te zetten, en zo werd Voltea gevormd. Momenteel verovert het de wereld met een revolutionaire water zuiveringstechniek, vastgelegd in ruim 30 octrooien, die energiezuiniger en veel efficiënter is dan het normale zuiveren.

  • The Volkskrant

  • VoltAwards_vknl_Color

    The Volkskrant, a respected Dutch newspaper, featured Voltea as part of a series of reports on the future of the Dutch economy. In the article Voltea was ranked as the number one most promising new technology venture by the Stichting Nederland Kennisland a prominent Dutch think-tank focusing on innovation and knowledge in Dutch Society.

  • 2011 Global Cleantech 100

  • Voltea was named in the prestigious 2011 Global Cleantech 100, produced by the Cleantech Group, a leading research firm focused on global cleantech innovation. The Global Cleantech 100 program is produced in collaboration with the UK’s Guardian News and Media. 4,274 companies from more than 45 countries were nominated for the Global Cleantech 100 list this year. The Global Cleantech 100 list focuses on those companies which are most likely to make the most significant market impact over the next 5-10 years.

  • 2010 Global Water Summit

  • Voltea won the Water Technology Idol competition at the Global Water Summit held in Paris in April 2010. The Water Technology Idol competition involved the presentation to a panel of experts of the new water technologies, which have made the biggest claims to change the world of water. Voltea won because its technology offers all of the benefits of an ‘ideal’ desalting technology: low energy and pressure, high water recovery, low fouling potential and the ability to operate chemical-free together with lower total costs of ownership than other existing technologies.

  • CNBC Business

  • CNBC Business ranked Voltea as the 3rd most creative company in Europe. CNBC European Business is a monthly magazine devoted to financial and business news and addresses business leaders and entrepreneurs. In their yearly ranking of the most creative companies in Europe, CNBC has ranked Voltea in the top 3 of companies that will be able to make the most disruptive changes.

  • The Artemis Project 2011

  • Voltea has won a much coveted place on The Artemis Project’s 2011 list of the Top 50 water technology companies. Voltea was chosen based on a strict set of criteria including technology, business strategy, and potential applications.