CapDI© systems purify water using electricity at the lowest economic and environmental cost to improve our customers profitability, process efficiency and productivity.



DiEntry is the next generation of home water purification systems and addresses the most pressing water issues in the market: quality, taste and waste. DiEntry does more than purify water, it allows a home’s water to be customized to the needs of the homeowner and community, all while wasting less water and improving the homeowner’s environmental footprint. DiEntry is simple to install, use and maintain, requiring no salt and a smaller overall footprint than other home water treatment systems, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership. The core technology within DiEntry, CapDI, has already been proven effective in hundreds of installations across the globe. To learn more about DiEntry Systems Contact a Voltea Representative.




Voltea’s newest product, DiUse, is a miniaturized version of our current CapDI systems, specifically made for Point-of-Use applications. DiUse softens and desalinates brackish water for homes and businesses at an advantage to traditional desalination technologies due to it being a salt-free, chemical-free alternative. DiUse is taking the HoReCa (Hotel/Restaurant/Cafe) Industry by storm! Contact a Voltea Representative.




Industrial Series Horizontal (IS-H) Systems

Voltea’s IS systems employ a simple, cost effective modular design providing flexibility to align with both your current and future demands. The IS systems feature real-time, remote monitoring and control capability. Our IS systems are used in commercial and industrial applications, from cooling towers to commercial laundries, for water reuse and any other application that benefits from salt-free, softened water. To learn more about Industrial Series Systems Contact a Voltea Representative.



Customized Solutions

Voltea’s customized solutions afford CapDI systems that are tailored to your specific needs. Multiple systems, as well as pre-piped and pre-wired containerized systems, are available. Our modular design allows you to easily expand as your operation grows and process flow requirements increase, or alternately, integrate with pre-existing water treatment technology.



Dynamic Control

Our Dynamic Control feature enables automated continuous control of your product water quality to account for any variations in feed water. Voltea’s CapDI systems are equipped with remote monitoring and control capabilities and once subscribed, customers can enjoy peace of mind that the monitoring of their CapDI systems is by qualified Voltea personnel to ensure optimized system performance.


Voltea CapDI modules are available in many size configurations as well as for ambient and high temperature applications. Simple electrical terminals and water connections allow easy installation and service. Our modules can operate on a range of flows and feed water salinities, allowing implementation into a host of applications. To learn more about Voltea’s Modules Contact a Voltea Representative.



Development Kit (DK)

The development kit is a versatile evaluation tool coupled with technical support from Voltea experts. This allows for fast and simplistic exploration of the potential of CapDI for your application. To learn more about Development Kits Contact a Voltea Representative.



VS Series

Voltea has leveraged the same robust industrial technology for smaller scale consumer appliances. These systems are the first to offer consumers the benefits of no-salt softening combined with low TDS for increased appliance lifetime. Design freedom and flexibility allows customization of module size, shape and geometry to fit your specific application. From washing machines to coffee makers, appliances benefit from tunable output water quality and hardness reduction. To learn more about VS Series Contact a Voltea Representative.



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